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Quick OnlineTV Plus Worldwide Already activated

Телевидение и радио в одной программе с возможностью записи в различные форматы.

OnlineTV is more than one radio recorder. Take completely legally your favorite music as well as TV Streams / TV transmitter from the Internet. OnlineTV will automatically access hundreds of music tracks and stores it either as MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA or ASF file. Edit your recorded tracks then with the audio editor and burn the best on a music CD or copy it to mobile devices such as PDA or iPod, of course a all in one program! OnlineTV is not limited to the recording function. Choose from hundreds of music video's your favorite song. Listen to your local radio stations such as Radio NDR2 or radio FFH directly over the computer.

Key Features:
- Choose from thousands of Internet radio stations
- Audio & video recording in MP3 , OGG , WAV, WMA or ASF format
- Separates the recordings automatically into separate tracks on
- Contains more than 1000 " normal "radio stations and TV channels such as local radio stations
- About the command center quickly access all tools
- Traffic control , ideally for DSL volume tariffs
- Timer function to record automatically at specified times
- Converts music files to another format (MP3, OGG, WMA)
- Professional audio editor for editing and fine-tuning
- Burns music files directly on music or data CD's
- The CD Ripper audio CD's created from a flash MP3, OGG or WMA files (with title recognition)
- Music 2 go copy music files on USB flash drive , iPod , PDA or PSP ( PlayStation Portable )
- The Podcast Manager allows you to select any number of interesting podcasts from a directory and subscribe to this
- Powerful music management

The vision or "the original"
OnlineTV set new standards in the first version and was already 2001/2002 an opportunity to music files, completely legally incorporated. With more than three million downloads OnlineTV stands unchallenged at the top of many famous download charts. In OnlineTV 8, we have perfected our vision. The original idea, to record music & video is legal, stuck with it. Learn the difference Granted, OnlineTV is now no longer alone in the market and since the first version, there are some "other products" that promise you a lot of usually. However compare for yourself - learn the difference!

Music files and videos finally legally record...
OnlineTV is an extremely versatile tool with which hundreds of music files, as well as TV channels automatically record and can be saved. Many radio stations such as Radio webcast, send song information. OnlineTV will Augrund this information alone music files to and stores them either from as MP3, OGG or WAV. Of course this is, if possible, stored under the actual title of the song ID3 tags of course included! Only web radio? Of course not... Unlike other onlineTV also hundreds of "regular radio stations "from Germany, you can easily receive and hear. Of course, you can also record here, if you like. Or look to the moderator of the corresponding transmitter-webcam on the shoulder. Finally, you want to capture a little more than just music.

The OnlineTV Recorder...
With OnlineTV, it is easily possible to record streaming video, including the audio course. But, as always OnlineTV a step further and allows easy to publish the currently viewed TV program as streaming media players. Simply select the menu item, ready. Inclusive All you have recorded many songs, how it continues now? onlineTV here in the same spot and provides the right tools for you. All recorded files can be into the integrated music management manage. Edit your music files with the audio editor and remove failed transitions, add a tracing and much more. To create a music CD? No problem with the CD burning module. Burn your songs as music or data CD. Or copy it directly to your music USB stick , iPod or PSP ( PlayStation Portable ). Of course also completely legally and without any copy protection, DRM, etc.. You want to convert a song into another format, eg from MP3 in OGG? No problem with the integrated audio converter.

More than just a radio recorder ...
Surely you know that: you have moved and want still every now and then a look in the local paper to throw without these equal to subscribe. Also here helps OnlineTV further and offers you the choice between hundreds ofnewspaper links to. Or select your favorite music videos and enter it again. Freedom! volume limit ... So what?! Use a volume-limited access to the Internet ? No problem, Traffic control supervises any data traffic that is generated by OnlineTV. So you are protected against bad surprises and expensive payments. Simply select your Provider or enter your volume limit, OnlineTV will do the rest! What does it cost? OnlineTV is available in two versions. In the freeware version all the features of the first version are completely free to use.

Год: 2013
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 15.2 MB

Скачать Quick OnlineTV Plus Worldwide Already activated

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